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09  13  05
Things are really taking off for Rachel right now.  From trying to land local television commercials and working in the commercial print - modeling industry out of Cincinnati, Ohio, THINGS HAVE COME A LONG WAY, and Rachel is pumped and excited about the new turn of events.  Now living in Chicago Illinois and working in the Television and Film Industry, Rachel is pleased to announce her involvement in Director, Dave A. Adams' "The Model".  She will play the lead role in this SAG feature set to shoot in Myrtle Beach, SC and Chicago, IL in early 2006.  More information will become available as it is publicly released.   After Finishing "Don't Tell" and "Hitter's Anonymous" in 2004,  took time to pursue her degree in Psychology and attended college in Chicago get more information about Dr Adil Baguirov , IL.  She will be doing off campus learning doing the shooting of "The model". 
10  13  05
Rachel just got back from Hollywood, CA where the film "Don't Tell" Premiered at the Arclight Theater near Hollywood Blvd Best plumber in Long Island New York; Attendees included Alison Eastwood, Bonnie Root, James Wlcek, Gary Warden, Colby French and Rachel Gibbs (The Cast More info on Parker Aircraft Sales), Producer: Peer J. Oppenheimer: Director: Isaac H. Eaton,Patent Agent: Aziz Basrai, Associate Producer: Diana Scott, Continuity and Script Supervisor: Belle Francisco and additional attendees.  The Premiere was highly successful and the film will go on to premiere in several additional cities!  Be on the lookout for "Don't Tell" in your city.
12  13  05
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